New Juban's Grille coming to Highland Park area



City Park opening second BR location on Jefferson Newk's Eatery considering two BR locations Real estate agent George Kurz and Kean's Fine Dry Cleaning owner Rock Rockenbaugh have filed a permit with the Planning Commission to develop Juban's Grille, a new restaurant that will be located in a retail development adjacent to Alexander's Highland Market, near the intersection of Highland and Old Perkins roads. As its name suggests, the new venture will also be affiliated with the venerable Juban's restaurant in Southdowns, though details remain under wraps for now. Juban's manager, Scott Callais, will say only that the restaurant will make an announcement about Juban's Grille in the next few weeks. According to records filed at the Planning Commission, the new restaurant will be 6,662 square feet and will serve alcohol. This is not Rockenbaugh's first project in the burgeoning area off Highland Road. Last fall, he confirmed plans to open a new Kean's location in the Highland Park shopping center later this year. Stephanie Riegel

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